Friday, April 17, 2009

Fashion Ate The Nurse.

That's more like it.

On the way home last night, I thought about my blog's title. It sounded more like "Fashion ate (the) nurse (in me)". Just so you know, I'm a nurse by profession. But because I have another exam to take aside from the local boards, I had to set aside my dreams of working in the prestigious hospitals in the metro just so I can 'concentrate' in reviewing for the NCLEX (FYI: the exam to make me not just a RN but also an USRN).

Boredom brought me back to my first love, thrifting (pinasosyal na ukay ;P ). I also didn't have enough funds to finance my inkling to shop almost every week (because I didn't have weekly allowance anymore) so I resorted to thrifting. I'm just surprised on how much people have only embraced ukay. Maybe it's because of the recession? Whatevs. Ukay is love.

I feel like a pirate whenever I'm in my ukay trove (which I will not divulge this early) and scanning the racks and racks of clothes...Looking for that perfect dress/top/skirt/what-not gives me a certain adrenaline rush which I can never compare! I just love the feeling of finding treasure amongst the 'trash' of other people! There's just one thing I hate about thrifting.. It gives me allergic rhinitis after ;( I know, it sucks sometimes! But all for the love of ukay right?

Here are some of the ukay treasures I found (I'm selling some in my online store).

*Photo from left to right:(1) I scored a red Nina Ricci purse (in mint condition!); (2) I fell in love with this dress, the first time I saw it. It was too nice to be given away just that so I kept it; (3) I didn't let go of this dress when I saw it because the details were too good to pass even before finding out it was a BCBG Max Mazria!!But have to sell it because it was too big for me! (4)Bought the leopard bag by impulse (even if it was all dusty!) My mom frowned when she saw me hold on to that 'couture brown vest'. She thought it was insane, I say it was 'insanely beautiful'! It's in the good hands of a girl-friend now. ;)

I'm itching to go ukay shopping right now. Must. Replenish. My. Wardrobe.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hello, lover.

I've been itching to make a BIGGER blog in the world wide web other than my blog in Multiply and my other non-existent ones for some reason now.

So here I am, letting my fingers do the talking (?).I'd be posting random stuff that crazingly inspire me...fellow bloggers that I admire or I have a girl-crush on (haha!I'm not lesbo btw)... or just about anything!

To give this blog some good omen, I'm gonna post some things that practically define me. ;)

Name: Nicole (I won't give away my last name for security reasons)
Address: South of Manille
Occupation: currently self sustained by my online vintage store ( but i'm a nurse by profession (more on my melodramatic rants about being one)
My dreams: to be what God wants me to be
My hopes: to survive my NCLEX review and emerge triumphant over the biggest and hardest exam i will ever take
My frustrations: to be a dancer, to be a fashion designer (uzzz) to learn how to work the sewing machine (i want to learn that skill again!)My loves: George + family + "twin" + my bestest friends + Tuesday Club girls
I lust for: ukay shopping!
I promise to: update my blog and keep my neurons working!