Friday, June 18, 2010

Excited much?

..well, almost.

CHANGE is good.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My blog is gathering dust already! LOL.

After 48 years of writing hiatus, I'm back! It's been crazy the last 5months. I'm slowly adjusting to my new job (as a nurse, finally) and environment (Goodbye good ol' South). But I'm liking it. Change is good right?
Floral romper from Sam (; fedora from Greenhills
I have again transformed my little online store into my new project! I told you I get bored easily. I'm working on it as of date (along with my trusted confidante). I'm excited to unveil the NEW LMM! Not to mention the 50plus clothes I'm gonna sell on the launch date! The clothes are TDF!

I promise to blog more often :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Isn't he the cutest?

I love you, G.

My Early Christmas/Birthday Gift

Vintage Cropped Blazer; Hanes white shirt; LMM Exclusive Skirt in Pink; Mango Quilted Bag; Studded Booties

December is a wink away! That means it'll soon be my birthday and yes, seven days after it would be "the most wonderful time of the year", Christmas!! I only have one wish for my birthday this year that is to get a "real" job. God heard my novenas and yes, he finally led me to a real job in a hospital.

Now what will happen to my dear online store? I haven't really decided on that one yet. I still have loads of requirements to think of. On a side note, my last (I hope it wont be me LAST) collection was a HUGE success. Clothes were gone in 15minutes. As of date, only ONE dress is left (4 other pieces are on-hold) from the 38 piece collection! The LMM Skirts were gone even before I posted them! (I put the remaining skirts on 50% off btw)
Here's what you missed:

I know it would be a huge loss if I let go of LMM..with how it's going.. If only I have an alter ego who can do it the way I do. I'll keep you guys posted with this one, okay? Besides, I still owe the LMM girls with one last DECEMBER Collection! A teaser for this one : Lace, lace, lace. Abangan!

Friday, November 13, 2009


F stands for Food.


Some may be surprised to know that I'm a BIG foodie. I love eating. I'm just lucky to have good genes (c/o my mom) that I don't end up gaining alot of weight (bulges included) after eating anything and everything!

Lately I've been having a weird craving for anything sweet. Good thing a good friend from high school thought of making a business out of her passion for baking!

I present to you THE WEDNESDAY CAKES by Fleda Castro :)

(Oreo Mousse Graham )
I call this the "sinful surprise".

Just look at the chocolate! :) Fleda describes this as the "the ultimate chocolate overload". I'm a big graham-lover so this is a treat for me! Perfect for late-night cravings.

Next is not your typical leche flan..


This is a twist to your traditional leche flan! :) It melts in your mouth! I love the choco-twist in this ' flan!
My rating: 10 out of 10! (and it's not because she's a good friend way back in high school! :p ) This is definitely a must-try!

You may message me for her contact number and other details. ALL PHOTOS ARE TAKEN BY YOURS TRULY. :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Life in Full Bloom

Blue blazer -vintage SISLEY (; white tank top; LMM Exclusive skirt (; ballet flats with flower details -FOREVER 21; Vintage Black purse
My week started out great with calls from several hospitals for scheduled interviews and exams..not to mention, LMM is in FULL BLOOM! The October collection was almost sold out within minutes! To think I have 46 pieces! I owe it all to the lovely and loyal clients I have since DAY 1 !
I thought the LMM Exclusive skirts would be a big flop but I was so wrong! Girls can't get enough of it. And for the Introductory price of 850?Why not dba? :)
I can't wait to have more!
I just want to share a local store I'm so addicted to right now: JELLYBEAN!
Too bad we dont' have it here in Alabang (soon-ish please!)...I love all the clothes!
If you're looking for stylish pieces which are, well, worth it then you should all go to JELLYBEAN! They have high wiasted skirts, blazers, tutu skirts, mini dresses, tartan print tops, etc! Think Katy Perry. :)
I'll try to post pics of the clothes I bought from them.
I think for the next few months, I'll be hoarding their clothes.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Busy as a bee.

..but I'm lovin' it!

Last week was packed! From Friday-Monday this week I was up and about doing some LMM errands and whatnots. It was crazy! It kinda took a toll on me yesterday when my voice suddenly changed from that of a over-pubescent girl to a pubescent boy.LOL.

I went out to replenish my thrift stock yesterday despite the feeling that I will have allergic rhinitis anytime soon. For the love of ukay indeed.

I am so happy to get alot of unbelievable finds. I can't wait to show it to everyone!I couldn't resist keeping some..teehee.

What made my week?

  • My mom bought me and my brother a NIKON D3000! :) Can't wait to take awesome pictures!

  • Sam influenced me to buy these:

Haha. Such a B.I. :) Love you, Sammie!

  • I went to my seamstress to discuss the LMM Exclusive Skirts! I can't wait to see the finished product next week (still crossing my fingers on this).
  • The QTube feature will be tomorrow. I'm not excited to see my face on TV but I'm excited to see THE clothes! :) Like what a friend/customer said, " They can imitate you but they can never duplicate you!The LMM style is unique!" True that! :)

When blessings rain, it pours.