Monday, May 18, 2009

pic of the week

Every girl's dilemma.
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Color me fancy...

Top:Charlotte Russe.Leggings:Landmark.Shoes:Topshop.Bag: Sam's
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Manille weather has totally gone crazy!

Hello global warming.

p.s.: MAY COLLECTION for littlemissmarie will be posted tonight!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rad D.I.Y.

It's all over my favorite fashion blogs!People are going back to basics err, DIY! I don't think it's because of the recession (is there really?).Some are just tired of seeing the same off-the-rack-everybody-has-them shirt.
Here are some of my fave DIY fashown. ;)
(Photos grabbed from knew run in your stockings could get this cool?
Take out your old shirts, babe!
I tried this one but failed ;(

Who knew lolo's blazers could be recycled into this?

Studs in your brassiere.Wonderwoman-ish.
Why not?

Ripped leggings/pants never looked so classy.
If I were you I'd give mother nature a big favor and go DIY!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pick of the Week

I'm a sucker for everything and anything vintage (or vintage inspired) so when I came across Chains for Change in Glorietta, I can't stop thinking about it! Prolly because I want to buy one (haven't found THE ONE though) and because this is "Fashion with a Purpose"!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Top Five Stylistas

Here's a rundown of my favorite stylistas (in no particular order).
They have inspired me in so many ways! I consider them the Albert Einstein's of fashion, truly genius. As what Paula A. said,
"A true genius doesn't meet expectations, he breaks it".
Hear hear!
Karl Leuterio. A fellow Lasalista whom I truly adore! He never fails to surprise me with his outfits. He carries IT so well, he can practically walk in Manila streets like this. His trademark look: anything with boots!
photograbbed from karl
Kookie from Chictopia. I call her the Manila version of Karla ( In one way or another, she reminds me of her! I think it's the wait, it's the "look" they give with their eyes. I just love her style! Her trademark would be boots/killer heels!
photograbbed from kookie

Rosanna. She's a true blue fashionista! I first saw her in Chictopia then her blog (with Hanna). I adore her! Her style is unpredictable but surprisingly "wearable"! No one can do it like her. If this girl opens a retail store, I'll be her first customer. Trademark: To-die-for Accessories!
photo grabbed from:

Boboniaa. I can't remember how I discovered her but i instantly fell in love with her sweet and colorful style. I ended up copying (she inspired me soo bad!) some of her outfits. I wish I could meet her in BKK! I bookmarked all of her outfits and even the place she said she shops at. I can't wait to go to Chatuchak (where she gets most of her clothes)! Fashion + Cool Photography = L.O.V.E. Her Trademark: the yellow wall? just kidding! Cool-orful outfits!
Photograbbed from link above.

Karla's Closet. I wish I had her closet. Period. ;)
Photograbbed from link above

These people really woke me up from my un-fasyon-able state a few months ago. Thanks to their inspiring blogs/outfits, they have made my life easier ntm, fashionable. ;)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Lookbook for MAY

Oh-kay, that was a bit corny. Bejwelled pieces are back!

scanned from ELLE magazine

Here are some of the magazine clippings (they're actually pages not clipping..teehee) I scanned for LMM's (littlemissmarie) lookbook for May. Most of the clothes are in black hence for the title "Black to Basics" with some bejewelled pieces.

All for the love of ukay.

I'm allergic to dust and smoke. Off all things right? Just imagine me gasping for air whenever someone beside me lights a cig...worse, imagine me shopping my wits out in my (latest) fave ukay store.. I know, I am killing myself.All for the love of ukay!
I can't help but drop by the thrift store I discovered lately everytime I go home from Makati. I think for two nights in a row, I ransacked the clothes for treasures. I went home guiltless and happy with 25 pieces of clothing for ++pesos (They were on sale!). That was on the second night of my shopping spree!I scored a pair of Harem pants (identical to those sold in FOREVER21), a beeeeeautiful skirt (which my sister asked in exchange for the oversized top/dress I want from her..hihi) and (drum roll please!!) a DIANE VON FURSTENBERG bejewelled coverup!! I think it's been seasons ago since she sent out her bejewelled collection but the heck, it's DVF for 50pesos! The manong was kind (It pays to be nice and friendly to them too) enough to give me discounts on top of the rock bottom prices. It was a nice ending to my almost perfect week (I'm slowly picking up the pace in my hardcore review in Kaplan).
Just when I thought my week would be purrrfect,the flu caught me! (or is it the other way around?). I thought I only have allergies from fixing the bags full of dusty clothes. The next day (Saturday) it was confirmed, I'm down with a flu. My mom is blaming my ukay adventures. She scolded me because I should know better daw. I told her, it just so happened I went thriftshopping just when I was about to catch a cold. She didn't buy it. Now, I'm in RUO (Restraining Ukay Order). I can't complain actually. I'm saving up for the "ultimate shopping spree" next month in BKK! Can't wait to go to Chatuchak! hehe.
I know I was too crazy to let my guard down and ignore the fact I am allergic to dust. What can I do?It has become my only vice..
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