Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Busy as a bee.

..but I'm lovin' it!

Last week was packed! From Friday-Monday this week I was up and about doing some LMM errands and whatnots. It was crazy! It kinda took a toll on me yesterday when my voice suddenly changed from that of a over-pubescent girl to a pubescent boy.LOL.

I went out to replenish my thrift stock yesterday despite the feeling that I will have allergic rhinitis anytime soon. For the love of ukay indeed.

I am so happy to get alot of unbelievable finds. I can't wait to show it to everyone!I couldn't resist keeping some..teehee.

What made my week?

  • My mom bought me and my brother a NIKON D3000! :) Can't wait to take awesome pictures!

  • Sam influenced me to buy these:

Haha. Such a B.I. :) Love you, Sammie!

  • I went to my seamstress to discuss the LMM Exclusive Skirts! I can't wait to see the finished product next week (still crossing my fingers on this).
  • The QTube feature will be tomorrow. I'm not excited to see my face on TV but I'm excited to see THE clothes! :) Like what a friend/customer said, " They can imitate you but they can never duplicate you!The LMM style is unique!" True that! :)

When blessings rain, it pours.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gone to soon.

I just saw yesterday THE ONE pair I've lusted over for months and now it's gone.
No more Delicious Dream Ankle Boots (yummy name eh?) for me. :(

I'm Back!

I'm back from being MIA for a looooong time.

Quick recap of 'whachapening/wahchapend' (as my friend would usually say) :)

  • I reviewed (for the nth time) for my much anticipated and long overdue NCLEX exam for the whole month of August (...so that explains why I was MIA in my "little" store)

  • I took the exam and surprisingly nailed it (to think I was the first one that day to take the afternoon exam AND I ended with the minimum number of questions which is 75), thank you Father God and Mama Mary. :)

  • So I am now a proud BSN, RN (soon MAN,DrPH I'm gonna beat you dean.haha!) :)

  • I went to celebrate by coming out with my comeback collection for September which was almost sold out in just 3 days (5 items left I think, out of 40).

  • QTube (Qtv channel) did a feature on me,well my store actually. Thanks again for the feature! They obviously loved the house and all my wares. They couldn't believe it was all vintage. Their producer (so sorry I forgot your name!) even said, "Siguro nakuha mo sa parents mo yung hilig mo sa vintage. Mahilig kasi sila sa antique...(while looking around our Mediterranean/Modern Filipino style house)". Thank you,Sir. :)

  • Just last weekend I came out with my la primera collection of 8 dresses (I couldn't resist the other two dresses.teehee) and had them auctioned off!

  • I finally found THE ONE! Oh yes, that one pair of ankle boots I have been lusting over for months. Too bad when I went back to Janylin and Maldita, they don't have my size anymore. I had an inkling this afternoon to just check cutesygirl.com. Lo and behold, I found these babies! I JUST HAVE TO GET THEM! (They only have a size 6.5 though.I guess that won't hurt a size 6, right?)

That's it,pansit!

I just observed something. My week starts every Thursday! Coincidence I guess.

I read Paulo Coelho's (my personal life-coach just so you know) Like A Flowing River last night because I've been feeling a little under the weather lately. Let me share you some of the lines that really struck me...

...In our solitary bicycle race, we must behave as if time existed and do everything we can to value each second, to rest when necessary, but to keep cycling towards the divine light, and not to be put off by any moments of anxiety.

As I closed the book, I let out a sigh.

Let Go and let God.