Thursday, November 19, 2009

Isn't he the cutest?

I love you, G.

My Early Christmas/Birthday Gift

Vintage Cropped Blazer; Hanes white shirt; LMM Exclusive Skirt in Pink; Mango Quilted Bag; Studded Booties

December is a wink away! That means it'll soon be my birthday and yes, seven days after it would be "the most wonderful time of the year", Christmas!! I only have one wish for my birthday this year that is to get a "real" job. God heard my novenas and yes, he finally led me to a real job in a hospital.

Now what will happen to my dear online store? I haven't really decided on that one yet. I still have loads of requirements to think of. On a side note, my last (I hope it wont be me LAST) collection was a HUGE success. Clothes were gone in 15minutes. As of date, only ONE dress is left (4 other pieces are on-hold) from the 38 piece collection! The LMM Skirts were gone even before I posted them! (I put the remaining skirts on 50% off btw)
Here's what you missed:

I know it would be a huge loss if I let go of LMM..with how it's going.. If only I have an alter ego who can do it the way I do. I'll keep you guys posted with this one, okay? Besides, I still owe the LMM girls with one last DECEMBER Collection! A teaser for this one : Lace, lace, lace. Abangan!

Friday, November 13, 2009


F stands for Food.


Some may be surprised to know that I'm a BIG foodie. I love eating. I'm just lucky to have good genes (c/o my mom) that I don't end up gaining alot of weight (bulges included) after eating anything and everything!

Lately I've been having a weird craving for anything sweet. Good thing a good friend from high school thought of making a business out of her passion for baking!

I present to you THE WEDNESDAY CAKES by Fleda Castro :)

(Oreo Mousse Graham )
I call this the "sinful surprise".

Just look at the chocolate! :) Fleda describes this as the "the ultimate chocolate overload". I'm a big graham-lover so this is a treat for me! Perfect for late-night cravings.

Next is not your typical leche flan..


This is a twist to your traditional leche flan! :) It melts in your mouth! I love the choco-twist in this ' flan!
My rating: 10 out of 10! (and it's not because she's a good friend way back in high school! :p ) This is definitely a must-try!

You may message me for her contact number and other details. ALL PHOTOS ARE TAKEN BY YOURS TRULY. :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Life in Full Bloom

Blue blazer -vintage SISLEY (; white tank top; LMM Exclusive skirt (; ballet flats with flower details -FOREVER 21; Vintage Black purse
My week started out great with calls from several hospitals for scheduled interviews and exams..not to mention, LMM is in FULL BLOOM! The October collection was almost sold out within minutes! To think I have 46 pieces! I owe it all to the lovely and loyal clients I have since DAY 1 !
I thought the LMM Exclusive skirts would be a big flop but I was so wrong! Girls can't get enough of it. And for the Introductory price of 850?Why not dba? :)
I can't wait to have more!
I just want to share a local store I'm so addicted to right now: JELLYBEAN!
Too bad we dont' have it here in Alabang (soon-ish please!)...I love all the clothes!
If you're looking for stylish pieces which are, well, worth it then you should all go to JELLYBEAN! They have high wiasted skirts, blazers, tutu skirts, mini dresses, tartan print tops, etc! Think Katy Perry. :)
I'll try to post pics of the clothes I bought from them.
I think for the next few months, I'll be hoarding their clothes.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Busy as a bee.

..but I'm lovin' it!

Last week was packed! From Friday-Monday this week I was up and about doing some LMM errands and whatnots. It was crazy! It kinda took a toll on me yesterday when my voice suddenly changed from that of a over-pubescent girl to a pubescent boy.LOL.

I went out to replenish my thrift stock yesterday despite the feeling that I will have allergic rhinitis anytime soon. For the love of ukay indeed.

I am so happy to get alot of unbelievable finds. I can't wait to show it to everyone!I couldn't resist keeping some..teehee.

What made my week?

  • My mom bought me and my brother a NIKON D3000! :) Can't wait to take awesome pictures!

  • Sam influenced me to buy these:

Haha. Such a B.I. :) Love you, Sammie!

  • I went to my seamstress to discuss the LMM Exclusive Skirts! I can't wait to see the finished product next week (still crossing my fingers on this).
  • The QTube feature will be tomorrow. I'm not excited to see my face on TV but I'm excited to see THE clothes! :) Like what a friend/customer said, " They can imitate you but they can never duplicate you!The LMM style is unique!" True that! :)

When blessings rain, it pours.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gone to soon.

I just saw yesterday THE ONE pair I've lusted over for months and now it's gone.
No more Delicious Dream Ankle Boots (yummy name eh?) for me. :(

I'm Back!

I'm back from being MIA for a looooong time.

Quick recap of 'whachapening/wahchapend' (as my friend would usually say) :)

  • I reviewed (for the nth time) for my much anticipated and long overdue NCLEX exam for the whole month of August ( that explains why I was MIA in my "little" store)

  • I took the exam and surprisingly nailed it (to think I was the first one that day to take the afternoon exam AND I ended with the minimum number of questions which is 75), thank you Father God and Mama Mary. :)

  • So I am now a proud BSN, RN (soon MAN,DrPH I'm gonna beat you dean.haha!) :)

  • I went to celebrate by coming out with my comeback collection for September which was almost sold out in just 3 days (5 items left I think, out of 40).

  • QTube (Qtv channel) did a feature on me,well my store actually. Thanks again for the feature! They obviously loved the house and all my wares. They couldn't believe it was all vintage. Their producer (so sorry I forgot your name!) even said, "Siguro nakuha mo sa parents mo yung hilig mo sa vintage. Mahilig kasi sila sa antique...(while looking around our Mediterranean/Modern Filipino style house)". Thank you,Sir. :)

  • Just last weekend I came out with my la primera collection of 8 dresses (I couldn't resist the other two dresses.teehee) and had them auctioned off!

  • I finally found THE ONE! Oh yes, that one pair of ankle boots I have been lusting over for months. Too bad when I went back to Janylin and Maldita, they don't have my size anymore. I had an inkling this afternoon to just check Lo and behold, I found these babies! I JUST HAVE TO GET THEM! (They only have a size 6.5 though.I guess that won't hurt a size 6, right?)

That's it,pansit!

I just observed something. My week starts every Thursday! Coincidence I guess.

I read Paulo Coelho's (my personal life-coach just so you know) Like A Flowing River last night because I've been feeling a little under the weather lately. Let me share you some of the lines that really struck me...

...In our solitary bicycle race, we must behave as if time existed and do everything we can to value each second, to rest when necessary, but to keep cycling towards the divine light, and not to be put off by any moments of anxiety.

As I closed the book, I let out a sigh.

Let Go and let God.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mind over Matter.

I was confined to my bed for almost half of the week because of influenza (it's not the swine kind, mind you). But come Friday, I had to fight off fever and the horrible cough all for the love of TRANSFORMERS (I can not miss the movie!!). I now have a girl-crush over Megan Fox. I refuse to go into self-quarantine (as advised by my mother) because I still have to take pictures of the fabulous clothes I'll be selling online (which I must say are some of the best I had so far)!
Shameless plug: visit for more!

What made my week?

All The Frou Frou

To the girl/girls behind All The Frou Frou, thank you for the lovely review!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What's up?

Blue top: Thrifted; Denim shorts: BKK; Brown belt and bag from Sam; TOPSHOP black shoes
I'm down with the flu (?). I hope it's not H1N1 (Who's scared of it anyway?). A trip to the supermarket plus the uber hot and humid weather last Sunday gave me 3 sneezes and a pseudo-allergy. Say hello to cough and colds.
I had to go to La Salle yesterday to get the documents just to find out that I requested the wrong docs (hindi naman kasi nila sinabi na magkaiba pala yung RLE sa RLE with grades which I may add, not printed on the request slip. You have to ASK them to include that). So after my one hour trip from Alabang to Dasma and back, I knew C&C will stall me this week. I was supposed to go "jobhunting" (parang 'pating-hunting' lang) but because (again, may I quote a friend who wrote) "Sa panahon ngayon mas okay pa ang umutot kesa umubo or suminga", I decided to stay in.
As "oc-oc" as I can be, I checked my planner and darn, its' empty. I can't do anything unless I'm well and there's no sign of (tenacious..excuse my language) secretions. I'm itching to pass resumes and bust my a** into the real world BUT reality bites, I'm not yet fit to do so. If overdosing myself with 3 tabs of FERN-C wont help in boosting my immunity then maybe confining myself in a "homemade bubble" will. Okay, I haven't devised that but I'm working on it.
I've enjoyed almost a year of being a "household staple" (BUM is a harsh word) already! I've given away so many oppurtunities (yes, I was that stupid) but now I'm ready to get it back (ha-ha. WATCH ME--->from Dawn Z's new ad).

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Looks in shuffle mode.

I'm inspired.
Must have:
-classic black blazer
-ripped jeans (DIY)
-floral dress (must call my seamstress)

Friday, June 26, 2009


Quick photo-op infront of a quaint coffeeshop in Bangkok.
Dress: Maldita, Houndstooth print bag: Plains and Prints, Black Ballet flats: TOPSHOP


It's been ages since I last blogged.

Here's a quick update!

1. My review for the foreign licensure wrapped up last May, that means it's all up to me now!

2. I finally set foot on BKK! I would definitely make this an annual thing. After burning my (dad's..teehee) pockets and filling out 1 extra suitcase of clothes, I think I'm done with shopping for the next couple of weeks.

3. I'm excited to start jobhunting! I know I'm a year late for this but hey, a girl need a much needed break right?

4. My online store is doing sooo well I can't get any more excited to go on thrift-shopping!

5. Totally addicted to now...;)

Monday, May 18, 2009

pic of the week

Every girl's dilemma.
Photo credit:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Color me fancy...

Top:Charlotte Russe.Leggings:Landmark.Shoes:Topshop.Bag: Sam's
Photo credit: Joseph Cruz (
Manille weather has totally gone crazy!

Hello global warming.

p.s.: MAY COLLECTION for littlemissmarie will be posted tonight!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rad D.I.Y.

It's all over my favorite fashion blogs!People are going back to basics err, DIY! I don't think it's because of the recession (is there really?).Some are just tired of seeing the same off-the-rack-everybody-has-them shirt.
Here are some of my fave DIY fashown. ;)
(Photos grabbed from knew run in your stockings could get this cool?
Take out your old shirts, babe!
I tried this one but failed ;(

Who knew lolo's blazers could be recycled into this?

Studs in your brassiere.Wonderwoman-ish.
Why not?

Ripped leggings/pants never looked so classy.
If I were you I'd give mother nature a big favor and go DIY!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pick of the Week

I'm a sucker for everything and anything vintage (or vintage inspired) so when I came across Chains for Change in Glorietta, I can't stop thinking about it! Prolly because I want to buy one (haven't found THE ONE though) and because this is "Fashion with a Purpose"!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Top Five Stylistas

Here's a rundown of my favorite stylistas (in no particular order).
They have inspired me in so many ways! I consider them the Albert Einstein's of fashion, truly genius. As what Paula A. said,
"A true genius doesn't meet expectations, he breaks it".
Hear hear!
Karl Leuterio. A fellow Lasalista whom I truly adore! He never fails to surprise me with his outfits. He carries IT so well, he can practically walk in Manila streets like this. His trademark look: anything with boots!
photograbbed from karl
Kookie from Chictopia. I call her the Manila version of Karla ( In one way or another, she reminds me of her! I think it's the wait, it's the "look" they give with their eyes. I just love her style! Her trademark would be boots/killer heels!
photograbbed from kookie

Rosanna. She's a true blue fashionista! I first saw her in Chictopia then her blog (with Hanna). I adore her! Her style is unpredictable but surprisingly "wearable"! No one can do it like her. If this girl opens a retail store, I'll be her first customer. Trademark: To-die-for Accessories!
photo grabbed from:

Boboniaa. I can't remember how I discovered her but i instantly fell in love with her sweet and colorful style. I ended up copying (she inspired me soo bad!) some of her outfits. I wish I could meet her in BKK! I bookmarked all of her outfits and even the place she said she shops at. I can't wait to go to Chatuchak (where she gets most of her clothes)! Fashion + Cool Photography = L.O.V.E. Her Trademark: the yellow wall? just kidding! Cool-orful outfits!
Photograbbed from link above.

Karla's Closet. I wish I had her closet. Period. ;)
Photograbbed from link above

These people really woke me up from my un-fasyon-able state a few months ago. Thanks to their inspiring blogs/outfits, they have made my life easier ntm, fashionable. ;)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Lookbook for MAY

Oh-kay, that was a bit corny. Bejwelled pieces are back!

scanned from ELLE magazine

Here are some of the magazine clippings (they're actually pages not clipping..teehee) I scanned for LMM's (littlemissmarie) lookbook for May. Most of the clothes are in black hence for the title "Black to Basics" with some bejewelled pieces.

All for the love of ukay.

I'm allergic to dust and smoke. Off all things right? Just imagine me gasping for air whenever someone beside me lights a cig...worse, imagine me shopping my wits out in my (latest) fave ukay store.. I know, I am killing myself.All for the love of ukay!
I can't help but drop by the thrift store I discovered lately everytime I go home from Makati. I think for two nights in a row, I ransacked the clothes for treasures. I went home guiltless and happy with 25 pieces of clothing for ++pesos (They were on sale!). That was on the second night of my shopping spree!I scored a pair of Harem pants (identical to those sold in FOREVER21), a beeeeeautiful skirt (which my sister asked in exchange for the oversized top/dress I want from her..hihi) and (drum roll please!!) a DIANE VON FURSTENBERG bejewelled coverup!! I think it's been seasons ago since she sent out her bejewelled collection but the heck, it's DVF for 50pesos! The manong was kind (It pays to be nice and friendly to them too) enough to give me discounts on top of the rock bottom prices. It was a nice ending to my almost perfect week (I'm slowly picking up the pace in my hardcore review in Kaplan).
Just when I thought my week would be purrrfect,the flu caught me! (or is it the other way around?). I thought I only have allergies from fixing the bags full of dusty clothes. The next day (Saturday) it was confirmed, I'm down with a flu. My mom is blaming my ukay adventures. She scolded me because I should know better daw. I told her, it just so happened I went thriftshopping just when I was about to catch a cold. She didn't buy it. Now, I'm in RUO (Restraining Ukay Order). I can't complain actually. I'm saving up for the "ultimate shopping spree" next month in BKK! Can't wait to go to Chatuchak! hehe.
I know I was too crazy to let my guard down and ignore the fact I am allergic to dust. What can I do?It has become my only vice..
**shameless plug: please visit my online store (**

Friday, April 17, 2009

Fashion Ate The Nurse.

That's more like it.

On the way home last night, I thought about my blog's title. It sounded more like "Fashion ate (the) nurse (in me)". Just so you know, I'm a nurse by profession. But because I have another exam to take aside from the local boards, I had to set aside my dreams of working in the prestigious hospitals in the metro just so I can 'concentrate' in reviewing for the NCLEX (FYI: the exam to make me not just a RN but also an USRN).

Boredom brought me back to my first love, thrifting (pinasosyal na ukay ;P ). I also didn't have enough funds to finance my inkling to shop almost every week (because I didn't have weekly allowance anymore) so I resorted to thrifting. I'm just surprised on how much people have only embraced ukay. Maybe it's because of the recession? Whatevs. Ukay is love.

I feel like a pirate whenever I'm in my ukay trove (which I will not divulge this early) and scanning the racks and racks of clothes...Looking for that perfect dress/top/skirt/what-not gives me a certain adrenaline rush which I can never compare! I just love the feeling of finding treasure amongst the 'trash' of other people! There's just one thing I hate about thrifting.. It gives me allergic rhinitis after ;( I know, it sucks sometimes! But all for the love of ukay right?

Here are some of the ukay treasures I found (I'm selling some in my online store).

*Photo from left to right:(1) I scored a red Nina Ricci purse (in mint condition!); (2) I fell in love with this dress, the first time I saw it. It was too nice to be given away just that so I kept it; (3) I didn't let go of this dress when I saw it because the details were too good to pass even before finding out it was a BCBG Max Mazria!!But have to sell it because it was too big for me! (4)Bought the leopard bag by impulse (even if it was all dusty!) My mom frowned when she saw me hold on to that 'couture brown vest'. She thought it was insane, I say it was 'insanely beautiful'! It's in the good hands of a girl-friend now. ;)

I'm itching to go ukay shopping right now. Must. Replenish. My. Wardrobe.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hello, lover.

I've been itching to make a BIGGER blog in the world wide web other than my blog in Multiply and my other non-existent ones for some reason now.

So here I am, letting my fingers do the talking (?).I'd be posting random stuff that crazingly inspire me...fellow bloggers that I admire or I have a girl-crush on (haha!I'm not lesbo btw)... or just about anything!

To give this blog some good omen, I'm gonna post some things that practically define me. ;)

Name: Nicole (I won't give away my last name for security reasons)
Address: South of Manille
Occupation: currently self sustained by my online vintage store ( but i'm a nurse by profession (more on my melodramatic rants about being one)
My dreams: to be what God wants me to be
My hopes: to survive my NCLEX review and emerge triumphant over the biggest and hardest exam i will ever take
My frustrations: to be a dancer, to be a fashion designer (uzzz) to learn how to work the sewing machine (i want to learn that skill again!)My loves: George + family + "twin" + my bestest friends + Tuesday Club girls
I lust for: ukay shopping!
I promise to: update my blog and keep my neurons working!