Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hello, lover.

I've been itching to make a BIGGER blog in the world wide web other than my blog in Multiply and my other non-existent ones for some reason now.

So here I am, letting my fingers do the talking (?).I'd be posting random stuff that crazingly inspire me...fellow bloggers that I admire or I have a girl-crush on (haha!I'm not lesbo btw)... or just about anything!

To give this blog some good omen, I'm gonna post some things that practically define me. ;)

Name: Nicole (I won't give away my last name for security reasons)
Address: South of Manille
Occupation: currently self sustained by my online vintage store ( but i'm a nurse by profession (more on my melodramatic rants about being one)
My dreams: to be what God wants me to be
My hopes: to survive my NCLEX review and emerge triumphant over the biggest and hardest exam i will ever take
My frustrations: to be a dancer, to be a fashion designer (uzzz) to learn how to work the sewing machine (i want to learn that skill again!)My loves: George + family + "twin" + my bestest friends + Tuesday Club girls
I lust for: ukay shopping!
I promise to: update my blog and keep my neurons working!


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