Friday, November 13, 2009


F stands for Food.


Some may be surprised to know that I'm a BIG foodie. I love eating. I'm just lucky to have good genes (c/o my mom) that I don't end up gaining alot of weight (bulges included) after eating anything and everything!

Lately I've been having a weird craving for anything sweet. Good thing a good friend from high school thought of making a business out of her passion for baking!

I present to you THE WEDNESDAY CAKES by Fleda Castro :)

(Oreo Mousse Graham )
I call this the "sinful surprise".

Just look at the chocolate! :) Fleda describes this as the "the ultimate chocolate overload". I'm a big graham-lover so this is a treat for me! Perfect for late-night cravings.

Next is not your typical leche flan..


This is a twist to your traditional leche flan! :) It melts in your mouth! I love the choco-twist in this ' flan!
My rating: 10 out of 10! (and it's not because she's a good friend way back in high school! :p ) This is definitely a must-try!

You may message me for her contact number and other details. ALL PHOTOS ARE TAKEN BY YOURS TRULY. :)

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  1. This made me drool! May I have her number pretty please? Thanks so much! :)