Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What's up?

Blue top: Thrifted; Denim shorts: BKK; Brown belt and bag from Sam; TOPSHOP black shoes
I'm down with the flu (?). I hope it's not H1N1 (Who's scared of it anyway?). A trip to the supermarket plus the uber hot and humid weather last Sunday gave me 3 sneezes and a pseudo-allergy. Say hello to cough and colds.
I had to go to La Salle yesterday to get the documents just to find out that I requested the wrong docs (hindi naman kasi nila sinabi na magkaiba pala yung RLE sa RLE with grades which I may add, not printed on the request slip. You have to ASK them to include that). So after my one hour trip from Alabang to Dasma and back, I knew C&C will stall me this week. I was supposed to go "jobhunting" (parang 'pating-hunting' lang) but because (again, may I quote a friend who wrote) "Sa panahon ngayon mas okay pa ang umutot kesa umubo or suminga", I decided to stay in.
As "oc-oc" as I can be, I checked my planner and darn, its' empty. I can't do anything unless I'm well and there's no sign of (tenacious..excuse my language) secretions. I'm itching to pass resumes and bust my a** into the real world BUT reality bites, I'm not yet fit to do so. If overdosing myself with 3 tabs of FERN-C wont help in boosting my immunity then maybe confining myself in a "homemade bubble" will. Okay, I haven't devised that but I'm working on it.
I've enjoyed almost a year of being a "household staple" (BUM is a harsh word) already! I've given away so many oppurtunities (yes, I was that stupid) but now I'm ready to get it back (ha-ha. WATCH ME--->from Dawn Z's new ad).


  1. Hi! This is All The Frou Frou. Add me up! :)

  2. hey i followed your blog, follow me too! :) oh and i saw you in Town the other day! I'm guessing you were having a meet up since you seemed like you were in a rush. haha :)