Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Top Five Stylistas

Here's a rundown of my favorite stylistas (in no particular order).
They have inspired me in so many ways! I consider them the Albert Einstein's of fashion, truly genius. As what Paula A. said,
"A true genius doesn't meet expectations, he breaks it".
Hear hear!
Karl Leuterio. A fellow Lasalista whom I truly adore! He never fails to surprise me with his outfits. He carries IT so well, he can practically walk in Manila streets like this. His trademark look: anything with boots!
photograbbed from karl
Kookie from Chictopia. I call her the Manila version of Karla (www.karlascloset.blogspot.com) In one way or another, she reminds me of her! I think it's the hair..no wait, it's the "look" they give with their eyes. I just love her style! Her trademark would be boots/killer heels!
click: www.chictopia.com/kookie
photograbbed from kookie

Rosanna. She's a true blue fashionista! I first saw her in Chictopia then her blog (with Hanna). I adore her! Her style is unpredictable but surprisingly "wearable"! No one can do it like her. If this girl opens a retail store, I'll be her first customer. Trademark: To-die-for Accessories!
photo grabbed from: www.littlemissdressup.com

Boboniaa. I can't remember how I discovered her but i instantly fell in love with her sweet and colorful style. I ended up copying (she inspired me soo bad!) some of her outfits. I wish I could meet her in BKK! I bookmarked all of her outfits and even the place she said she shops at. I can't wait to go to Chatuchak (where she gets most of her clothes)! Fashion + Cool Photography = L.O.V.E. Her Trademark: the yellow wall? just kidding! Cool-orful outfits!
Photograbbed from link above.

Karla's Closet. I wish I had her closet. Period. ;)
Photograbbed from link above

These people really woke me up from my un-fasyon-able state a few months ago. Thanks to their inspiring blogs/outfits, they have made my life easier ntm, fashionable. ;)

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